Intro to 'What's Gotcha Hooked Today?' Series ~ Issue No. 1

Hello! The past few weeks I've been considering email newsletters to get to know everyone on a personal level - so that I can get my news out in ways that aren't possible on Instagram or Facebook. However, I wanted to be able to go on spiels and say what's on my mind (or in this case, What's Got Me Hooked) so today's issue is a tester, like a get to know me and my brand, Hooked in One Look...

Hope you like it!

  • So what is Hooked in One Look?

To put it simple, a custom crochet brand designed for women looking to be comfortable in their own skin.

  • Why did you start Hooked in One Look?

That’s a bit deeper. Let me start with two quotes I posted a couple weeks ago on my Instagram.

Don't let your mind bully your mind. ~June Tomaso Wood


There will always be someone who can't see your worth, Don't let it be you. ~Anonymous

For years, I’ve heard people despise the body they’re in, and for a while, I was one of those people. I once hated how skinny I was/am, how I couldn’t fit into a lot of clothes because I was often way too small, or I didn’t have the curves my friends do or family does. And despite my genetics telling me we’re staying this way for quite a while, throughout high school I tried gaining weight and fell into this horrible cycle of wanting to gain gain gain, but couldn’t and later feeling disgusted or angered or disappointed, not eating (which obviously didn’t help the goal), then trying to gain again.

The impact on my mental health is a whole different story that we'll get into in another issue.

But after a while, I gave up that vicious cycle. I stopped going on my scale in hopes I gained weight, I stopped tracking calories or looking at weight gain videos on YouTube. I basically ignored the nagging voice in my head that compared my body to others until didn’t feel this way anymore - not to say it's completely gone, but I definitely saw a shift in my mentality.

This shift was most noticeable when I started crocheting my own clothes. I have been crocheting on and off for about 8 years and made a few bralettes in the past. But in January 2021 during my winter break of freshman year, I saw this really beautiful, soft, khaki wool blend yarn that I couldn’t put down. I grabbed a sketchbook from middle school days when I was obsessed with fashion design, and created the Puffed n’ Cut Crochet Cropped Sweater without a pattern or any references, just my imagination, hook, yarn and body.

When I was done, I loved how it fit exactly to my measurements and flattered my body the way I wanted it to.

After that, I had an obsession and Hooked in One Look was born.

This long spiel is to say I wanted to spread that feeling of falling in love with yourself. I see so many people suffer from skinny shaming or fat shaming inflicted by family or by the media (especially with the “trendy” body type being the hourglass figure like Kim K or Beyonce), and internalizing it so much that their mind goes against them. I fell in love with having clothes that fit me, not having to buy clothes that “I’ll grow into”. And I had a greater appreciation for myself during the process of making those clothes.

So Imma say it louder for the people in the back:

Clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around.

Love yourself, self-confidence, have a passion for your body and your mind. That’s my core value and my mission is to spread that love with one piece at a time.

  • Where do you plan on taking Hooked in One Look?

I want to be more sustainable with my yarn choices. While crochet clothing does count as “slow fashion” since it makes the consumer think “why do I need this product”, some yarns aren’t that great for the environment (*ahem* acrylic *ahem) but as a college student who wants to accomplish my initial mission for now, as I grow I’ll be able to invest more into the hand-dyed yarns that plague my Instagram feed.

As of now, I use recyclable poly mailers (courtesy of Etsy), a stamp for branding ( also courtesy of branding, and saves money and avoids a lot of the extra processing on items that might not be sustainable), and biodegradable business cards.